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School Uniform and Equipment



At Thomas A Becket pupils are proud to wear the school uniform, helping them feel a collective commitment to each other and the school. It helps pupils to maintain a learning mindset, and while we celebrate each child’s individuality wearing the school uniform enables them to share in the collective identity (values and ethos) of TAB.



Photo showing school uniform


Uniform is available from :

Broadwater Sports; either at the store or online at


First4Uniform; online at


School Uniform & Equipment 2021-22


On days when the class has PE/Games, the pupils should come to school in their PE kits with trainers.

Please remember that if it is cold children may bring tracksuits for Games and spare clothing if the weather is wet. 

If children are attending a club on a non-PE day they should come in school uniform and change into their PE kit in school.


Year 3-6


Winter and Summer Uniform:


Boys and girls wear:

White polo shirt, royal blue V-necked sweatshirt, grey/black trousers (short or long), grey/black skirt, pinafore dress, sensible black flat footwear.



Uniform Guidance


Skirt: Grey or Black knee-length in plain material


Pinafore dress: (Royal blue / white candy stripe or checked dress in summer)


Trousers: Grey or Black formal trousers or shorts in plain material.


Neither the trousers nor the skirt should be of a 'fashionable' style e.g. denim & lycra material are not permitted, neither are extra buttons / zips / sequins / rips / logos.


Belt (if required): Plain black only.


Shirt: Plain white collared t-shirt (preferably with school logo) All shirts should be tucked properly into trousers / skirts.


Sweatshirt: Royal blue ‘Thomas A Becket Junior School’ sweatshirt.


Tights: Black, navy, dark grey or neutral shades.


Socks: Plain black, navy, dark grey only (white socks may be worn with dresses / skirts).


Footwear: Sensible black flat footwear. Backless shoes, open-toes or high heels are not acceptable.


Additional Guidance


Coats: Coats / other jumpers / scarves are not permitted to be worn during the school day (except on the playground at break & lunchtimes).


Hair: Extreme styles of hair are unacceptable. These include: unnatural colours, close shaved heads, shaved lines and shaved patterns in the hair. Parents will be informed immediately if the style of hair or colour is seen as inappropriate. If you are unsure of what is acceptable please contact the school in advance of getting hair cut. Long hair must be tied back during the school day. This is particularly important during practical lessons, such as Science, Design Technology, Games/PE.


Jewellery: For safety reasons, only one pair of small (<3mm) plain metal (silver or gold) stud earrings may be worn. No other jewellery is allowed. If worn this will be confiscated by staff and returned at the end of the day. Nose studs and all other forms of body piercing are forbidden in the school. Watches may be worn.


Mobile phones: These can be brought into school but under no circumstances should they be switched on or be visible during the school day, or used at any time while on the school premises. If pupils are seen using mobile phones on the school premises parents will be contacted immediately. Parents are also reminded that mobile phones are not covered under the school’s insurance policy.


Makeup: Makeup should not be worn. The wearing of nail polish is not permitted.


All pupils are expected to be in full uniform each day. Pupils will be removed from lessons if they are not wearing the correct uniform or their hairstyle is deemed inappropriate, and parent contacted. Parents should check with the school before purchasing items if they are unsure of whether they are suitable. The Headteacher’s decision is final.


PE/Games Kit


Community T-shirt

Royal blue shorts

White socks


(Tracksuit for outdoor Games in cold weather)

(Gum shields are strongly recommended for Hockey, and shin pads for Football and Hockey)


Correct school PE kit should be worn for all PE/Games lessons. Please note that West Sussex County Council regulations do not allow the wearing of any kind of jewellery (earrings; studs; watches; neck chains; bangles; etc) during any PE/Games lesson or other organised physical activities. Jewellery may only be worn on medical grounds e.g. when a child has recently had an ear pierced. If this is the case, please inform us in writing. Plaster tape may then be used to cover the ear.


If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced please do so at the start of the summer holiday, and ensure that s/he can remove and insert his/her own earrings by the time the new term starts in September.


Hair must be tied back during all Games/PE lessons.



Lost Property


We would ask all parents/carers to ensure their children’s clothes are clearly labelled with their name and class to ensure all lost property is returned promptly.


Mislaid clothes at the end of each day are stored in our lost property bin for one week.  After the week, all clothes are checked for names and returned to their owners.  All unnamed clothes are kept for a further two weeks allowing children to find their missing items.


After this three week period, all clothes are either donated to our clothes charity bank or sold within school and these funds are donated to school projects.