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Staff List

Staffing Structure 2021 - 2022


Senior Leadership Team

Mr. John Gadd



Mrs. Zoe Borley

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs. Sandie Saunders

Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. Karen WiseAssistant Headteacher 


Year 3 Team

Miss Ella Challis3EC 
Miss Lauren Fenwick3LF 
Miss Chloe Goodwin3CGDesign Technology Lead

Miss Pip Hide


Miss Charlotte Sandell and

Mrs. Emily Thoms        

3STGeography Lead & Year Team Co-ordinator
Forest Schools Lead & Year Team Co-ordinator  
Miss Robyn Wisdom3RW 


Year 4 Team

Ms. Toria Bono4TBDiversity and Equity Lead 
Mr. Ben Cornford4BCComputing Lead
Miss Stacey Hunter (Maternity Cover)4JCReligious Education Lead & Year Team Co-ordinator
Ms. Chrissie Found4CFYear Team Co-ordinator
Mr. Tom Robinson4TR 

Mr. Ryan Watson


English Lead


Year 5 Team

Ms Kim Noble and

Miss Kristie Murphy





Mr. Mark Christmas5MCHistory Lead & Year Team Co-ordinator
Mr. Matthew Cotten5COAssistant PE Lead
Miss Alison Haines5AHAssistant RSHE Lead
Ms. Laura Holmes5LH 

Ms. Millie Langford and

Mrs. Siobhan Moulding

5MLAssistant Maths Lead
 Assistant English Lead



Year 6 Team

Mr. John Atkinson6JAPE Lead
Mrs. Beth Banner6BBArt Lead
Miss Emily Edmonds6EEModern Foreign Languages Lead
Miss Louisa Groome6LGScience Lead & Year Team Co-ordinator

Mrs. Keri Garner and

Mrs. Naomi Parker

6PGMaths Lead
English Lead

Mr. Harry Potter



Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs. Ann DuddingMusic Lead

Mrs. Sam Harris

Music Lead


School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Students

Miss Esther Bee

Miss Daisy Duffield

Miss Lucy Taylor-Croft


Subject Technicians

Mrs. Michelle DuffieldLibrarian

Mr. Simon Elliott

ICT Technician

Ms. Jane Hartley

Design Technology

Mrs. Michelle Mayes

Eco-Schools Co-ordinator, Forest School Leader

Miss Katie Pearcy

PE Teacher

Mr. Daniel Rushton

ICT Manager

Mrs. Katie WattsCooking and Nutrition


Additional Educational Needs Team (AEN)

Miss Kristie MurphyAssistant SENCO
Mrs. Fliss McHaleSocial, Emotional and Mental Health Lead (SEMHL)
Mrs Karen ButcherPhonics Intervention and Assessment Lead


SEMH School Dog
Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs. Jo Abbott 

Mrs. Alison Agius


Mrs. Helen Albon


Mrs. Emma Boyd-Hall 
Mrs. Nicole Brown 

Mrs. Donna Butler


Mr. Geoff Clayson 
Mrs. Jo Cheng 
Mrs. Sharon Clements 
Mrs. Andrea Dear 

Mrs. Sue Douglass


Mrs. Michelle Duffield


Mr. Oscar Grace 

Mrs. Nicola Gibson


Mrs. Maggie Hoole


Mrs. Alison Hosier 

Mrs. Sarah Koopman


Miss Carrie London 
Mrs. Stella Maynard 
Mrs. Sam McCaffrey 

Ms. Sandi Pickford


Mrs. Kelly Sargent 

Miss Sophie Tring

Mrs. Jenny Taylor

Miss Amanda White 


Welfare & Administration Team

Miss Claire BanesAdministrative Assistant and Welfare
Miss Georgina Brown-FelptsPA to the Headteacher and Inclusion Administrator

Mrs. Carol Calmann-Hinke

Receptionist and Welfare

Mrs. Helen Cooke

Administration Support

Mrs. Clare Gatenby

Receptionist and Welfare

Mrs. Carol Graham

School Business Manager
Mrs. Rachel HarkinAdministrative Assistant

Miss Alison Kirby

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Michelle MayesPA to the Headteacher and Clerk to the Governors
Mrs. Jayne WoodsSchool Business Manager


Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs. Lesley Bloy
Mrs. Chrystal Burridge

Mrs. Carol Calmann-Hinke

Mrs. Maria Casse

Mrs. Sinead Clayton

Mrs. Sarah Cochrane

Mrs. Jane Cole

Mrs. Rachel Harkin

Mrs. Lorraine Lelliott

Mrs. Alessandra Lucchetta

Mrs. Nicky Roberts

Mrs. Anneka Tier


Premises Team


Mrs. Chrystal BurridgeCleaner

Mrs. Carol Calmann-Hinke


Mrs. Helen Cooke


Mr. Pete Douglass


Miss Emma Jackson


Mrs. Sara LeamonCleaner

Miss Kristina Maria Menday


Mr. Joe PaynePremises Officer

Mr. Mark Roberts

Premises Manager

Mrs. Nicky Roberts


Mrs. Lesley Rushton


Ms Natalie TylerCleaner
Mr. Philip WellerCleaner