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Information for Residents

At Thomas A Becket Junior School we work with our community and residents to ensure a positive partnership.


This page will include links and information regarding any changes to the school day, upcoming trips, school events and any other information we feel our community would benefit from being aware of.


We will update this page regularly to ensure all the information about any developments or changes at the school are clearly communicated.

Week Commencing 12th June 2023

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021

Week Commencing 10th May 2021


Rectory Road Entrance and Exit


From Monday 10th May at the start and end of the school day, the fence panel adjoining Rectory Road will be open as an ENTRANCE ONLY with the existing Rectory Road gate as an EXIT ONLY.


Entry and exit via Glebeside Avenue will remain unchanged.

Week Commencing 3rd May 2021


We will be returning to a full school day on a Friday from Friday 7th May 2021.

Week commencing 16th November 2020

Week commencing 21st September 2020


Ice Cream Van

A number of you have contacted or spoken to me about the ice cream van parked at the end of Glebeside Avenue. When we saw first-hand, the challenges for safe social distancing this is causing we contacted both our local councillor Bob Smytherman and the local authorities.


I’ve attached the latter’s replies below:


There is nothing we can do as the highway authority. I have copied in Worthing Borough who may be able to engage with him if he has a license or give him a PCN if he is on a restriction, and also the local PCSO who also has powers.


There is no licensing regime regarding Ice Cream vans. Environmental Health register only those that are operated from the borough for food hygiene but apart from that they can trade legally in the street with no further licensing/registration requirements. The only Ice Cream vans we issue permits to are those that operate in Marine Crescent & Marine Drive under street trading regulations - these are 'consent streets' under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. There are no such street trading controls in place in Glebeside Avenue. So we have no facility under licensing legislation to stop him trading there.


I have copied in the two PSCOs who are ward officers for Tarring for their attention


I will get this briefed out to NSL and if observed in contravention of the highway restriction a PCN will be issued.


Week commencing 14th September 2020


Roadworks in Wiston Avenue

Please see this message from our School Crossing Patrol:

“Please be aware that there are extensive roadworks in place in Wiston Avenue. The School Crossing Patrol will still be in place from 8am every morning, but may be slightly repositioned as the works move along.


Please ensure that children going to school, particularly on their own, are aware that there may be some temporary changes.  Please, please continue to cross at the school crossing site, and do not be tempted to cross elsewhere because of a few extra steps.”


Roadworks at Traffic Lights

As you may know, there is a carriageway resurfacing scheme proposed this year for A2032 / A2031 Poulters Corner junction - Worthing. Due to the road’s location and usage the timing of the scheme will be difficult and the work will inevitably inconvenience people. If these works were carried out during the working day businesses, commuters and the travelling public would be unduly affected whereas if undertaken at night residents would potentially have their sleep disturbed. Having taken all these factors into account and road space availability these works are planned for 19th – 22nd October, overnight between the hours of 20.00 and 06.00.