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“Computer science empowers students to create the world of tomorrow.” - Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft




At Thomas A Becket Junior, we empower our children to use technology safely, responsibly and confidently.  We give them the knowledge and skills to apply this in their learning and everyday lives.  Our intent is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through a well-rounded computing curriculum.  We strive to cultivate a learning environment where every child is equipped with the essential knowledge and skills in four areas of e-safety, digital literacy, systems and networks and computer science and programming.  We do this through purposeful and collaborative active learning experiences to immerse them in an increasingly digital world.



The implementation of our computing curriculum for Key Stage 2 is designed to deliver a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for our children.  Our approach encompasses a carefully crafted series of lessons and activities that align with the national curriculum, emphasising the development of key knowledge and skills in computing.


To ensure a progressive and well-rounded education, our school has invested in state-of-the-art technology resources and tools.  These include a dedicated computing lab, multiple Chromebook mobile trolleys, a green screen recording room, class phones, Lego education spike kits, micro:bits, VR goggles and interactive class whiteboards providing children with hands-on experiences in coding, problem-solving and digital creation.


The computing curriculum is structured into six units across each year group covering a range of topics such as micro:bit data handling, Kodu game creation, desktop publishing using Canva and Tinkercad 3D digital design.


Our commitment to e-safety is paramount and this is interwoven throughout the curriculum in all year groups.  Building on previous learning and covering a range of topics such as when being online makes me upset, how companies encourage us to buy online, online reputation and think before you click.


The implementation of computing at Thomas A Becket Junior extends beyond the classroom through our pupil leadership opportunities of our year 6 digital leaders who provide positive role models and peer support to the younger children within their lessons. 




At Thomas A Becket Junior, our computing curriculum has had a huge impact on our children.  They've become great problem solvers, not just in coding but also in other subjects.  Our lessons encourage creativity and innovation, helping children think outside the box. They work together, using their talk skills, to carry out tasks.


One notable impact is the increased engagement of the children. The curriculum incorporates more interactive and child-centered approaches, fostering a greater enthusiasm for learning. Lessons are designed to be more relevant and relatable, capturing the interest of the children and making the educational experience more enjoyable.

Clear learning objectives and a well-structured progression of units of work have contributed to a deeper understanding of key concepts.  Assessments are aligned with learning outcomes, providing valuable feedback that guides both children and teachers in the learning process.


We're proud of how well our children understand online safety and being good digital citizens.  They know how to use technology responsibly, not just at school but also in their online interactions outside of it.


As you would expect, learning how to be safe online plays a fundamental part of computing lessons. More information can be found on our e-safety page and our online policy can be found here.

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