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Hot School Meals

Hot School Meals


The school offers a hot school meal service provided by Chartwells using ‘Steamplicity’ technology at a cost of £2.71 per meal. All of the meals in the Steamplicity portfolio have been approved by Chartwells nutritionists to ensure they meet the latest government guidelines.


All meals should be booked via ParentPay. This will be for all Free School Meals and for paid meals.


Please note that Parentmail will still continue to be our method of communication and payment for trips/activities. ParentPay is just to be used for ordering hot school meals for your child.

How to activate your ParentPay account


All activation letters have been emailed out with login details for ParentPay. 


Please note that these have been emailed to the priority 1 contact on our records.  If you require additional accounts set up, please contact us at


How to book meals using ParentPay


Please see the information guides below to help guide you through the procedure for booking hot school meals.  Please note that this also applies to those children who are entitled to Free School Meals.


All meals must be ordered on ParentPay by midnight on the Thursday, 10 full days before the week the meals are to be taken.


Once you have confirmed the meal you will receive a confirmation email showing the meals that you have booked.   


Please remember that if you pay for meals, this must be done within 2 hours of selecting them on ParentPay.


School Trips

Any children who are entitled to free school meals can order a free school packed lunch if they are due to be out on a school trip during the usual hot meal service. This must also be done on ParentPay.  Please select Chartwells Trip Lunch on the required day before the cut-off point.

ParentPay Frequently Asked Questions

Special Diets


Religious diets will be catered for by the vegetarian meal option. If your child has special dietary requirements ie, nut/fish/egg/diary/fruit/veg allergies and/or wheat/gluten or other intolerances you will need to register for a special meal via the Chartwells website.