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Following a rigorous application and assessment process we are pleased to announce that Thomas A Becket Junior School is an Eco Schools’ Green Flag 2023-2024 award holder. Through our continued 'green work' within school and the community we have held this award since 2009, with our application being reviewed every year.


To achieve this award we had to be working on the Eco Schools Framework, by building ‘greenness’ into both the day-to-day life of the school and the children's learning, as well as supporting other schools and organisations to become 'greener' themselves.


Mrs Michelle Mayes, our Eco and Forest School Lead, always welcomes support and ideas for the 'green' work that we do. If you would like to be involved in our work, or have ideas to offer, please contact the school office.

Air Quality Assembly and Workshops 2023


Paul from Sustrans visited and held an assembly with Y5 to talk about air pollution. We learnt about what can cause air pollution and what we can do to reduce air quality in our local community. 


After the assembly, Paul held two workshops and the children learnt how lichen on trees can indicate the quality of our air by the colour. We also installed an air quality monitor at the front of the school and data will be sent back to WSCC. 


You can help us to reduce air pollution by traveling to school sustainability by walking, scooting, cycling, or using public transport and ensuring your car engine is turned off if you need to park on local roads.



Be Bright Be Seen Day 2023

As part of our Road Safety Week, the children all came to school wearing a bright accessory to show how much more visible it makes them when its dark. 



Eco 'Name A Lorry' Competition 

Thank you to AD Fuels who asked our children to name 4 of their new lorries. 

We had lots of wonderful entries and once again it was very hard for them to choose.


Well done to Anita in 4KR with Sustaina Billy, Charlie in 4TB with Greta Truckberg, Lottie in 5EM with Lightening McGreen, Tilda in 6PH with Renewable Ron and Ozone Ollie, Jude in 4CF with Gassy Gus.

Hedgehogs 2023

The children enjoyed a visit from some hedgehogs.  They asked lots of questions and found out all about the hedgehogs lifestyle.

Walk to School Week 2023

It was lovely to see all the children wearing shoes that made their feet happy to celebrate Walk to School week and our School Street scheme.

Congratulations to 3PH, 4TR, 5AH & 6SH for completing their hands up travel survey and being the most sustainable class in their year group. 



E.Y.E Eco Summit 2023


Eco Committee members in years 4 and 5 attended the Eco Summit at Worthing Assembly Hall. During the event, guest speaker Nicola Peel talked to the children about her time in the Amazon Rainforest, and how she supported the local community in building houses, community centres and health centres from eco bricks.


The children took part in lots of environmental workshops covering sustainability and the environment, made their own eco bricks, learnt about what parts of a mobile phone can be recycled, and learnt more about Southdowns National Trust and Sussex Dolphin Project.


The Committee were all inspired after the event, and have come back to school with some amazing Eco incentives, which they will develop and deliver over this school year. 

Living Eggs Chick Hatching Programme 2023


Our chicks have now hatched and this has brought huge eggcitment to the school day! The children have all enjoyed learning about the hatching process over the past few days and watching the chicks on our live stream. Over the next week each class will have the opportunity to spend time with the chicks and learn more about life cycles and the biology of how eggs grow into chicks.


Baby Chick

Sea Safety Assembly

Michelle Cannon, Coastal Warden for Adur and Worthing Council, held an assembly on sea safety. The assembly covered safety elements such as swimming between groynes not away from the shore, wearing sturdy footwear when rock pooling, wearing a buoyancy aid if paddle boarding, scoot and ride in a straight line along the prom, grownups to hold on to the end of a rope tied to inflatables, the importance of wearing sun cream and hats, what safety flags mean and the importance of only leaving footprints and memories behind and to take all rubbish home


The children were also shown Marine Warrior backpacks, which are free to hire from the Seafront office. 


Eco 'Name a Lorry' Competition


Picture of lorries with pupils in front

A huge well done to the four children who won the name the lorry competition.  We had lots of entries and AD Fuels found choosing just four extremely difficult, and would like to thank all our children for the wonderful names.


Congratulations to Summer-Rose 3MC with 'Eco Eddie', Charlie in 4BC with 'Sir Gas'elot', Isabella in 6LG with 'Leafy Luna' and Alfie 6LG with 'Greenzilla'.



Road Safety Week 


During Road Safety Week Mr Gadd held a Road Safety assembly this week and talked to the children about keeping safe on their way to and from school. He discussed wearing bright clothes so you can be clearly seen by traffic, how to look after your bike and scooter, the importance of wearing a helmet and the Green Cross Code.


We asked the children during the assembly what they could see in this picture.


Photo showing child dressed in dark clothing standing at the side of a road


Now what can you see?


Photo of child wearing bright coloured clothing standing at the side of the road


The children also took part in our 'Be bright, Be seen' non uniform day  to promote safe travel to school, by making ourselves visible to vehicles now that the winter months are approaching. 




School Travel Plan

Photo of Bronze National Travel Award CertificateWe are pleased to announce that, after reviewing our Travel plan actions and achievements, WSCC have awarded us the Bronze National Travel Award. We will continue to promote safe travel to school by working with the children, parents/carers, Governors, residents and travel representatives.

During Eco club we looked at all the items we recycle and wondered what else could be made from unwanted items.

We talked about up-cycling golf balls and after some research we discovered we could make garden ornaments. 

ECO Club

Still image for this video

Latest ECO Activities



The Countryside Charity Awards 


Mrs Mayes attended the virtual CPRE Sussex Countryside Awards with the EYE Project (Eco, Young and Engaged) committee, as the project was nominated for an award.

We are pleased to announce that the EYE Project won a gold award for their work with schools and their contribution to enhancing and protecting the countryside, and for encouraging engagement with the natural word.  Please see the following links for more details

Recycling at TAB


There are many ways you can recycle your used and unwanted items at TAB.




Our clothes recycling bank is situated near the main entrance. We are able to collect the following items for our clothes bank which helps raise funds for school projects.

We can collect: Clean dry clothing, curtains, household fabrics, bed linen, towels, shoes, handbags etc. Medium size tied bags preferred, with shoes in separate bags.

We cannot collect: Duvets, pillows, cushions, off-cut material, rugs / carpet, wet or soiled clothing and material.




We can recycle used plastic writing instruments such as pens, felt tips, high lighters, marker pens and white board pens. If you have any used pens at home then please bring them into school where your child will be able to place them in the pen recycling pot in their classroom.


For every piece of waste sent to TerraCycle we earn funds for school projects. TerraCycle recycles all the waste sent in, and the resulting recycled plastic materials are used to make new products, such as garden lumber, benches and waste bins.





All used batteries can be placed in our battery bank situated in the corridor by the fish tank.



Road Safety Week 


Children from the Eco Committee and School Council took part in a Road Safety task with AD Fuels.


The children had the opportunity to sit in the cab of a lorry and view the driver’s blind spots on the road.


They were all shocked to see that when looking through the side mirror the road looked clear but actually there were bikes positioned next to the lorry. We discussed how when cycling on the road it is important to allow lorry drivers room to manoeuvre and to be aware that they may not be able to see you at all times.  

Road Safety Week

Still image for this video

Eco Work 


Mrs Mayes and Tegan from our Year 6 Eco Committee were asked to write an article for The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide. Please find below our article which is being published by Bloomsbury.


Air Quality


Daisy from Sustrans presented us with our air quality banner which was designed by our year 5 and 6 Eco Committee. 


During Eco club, children designed air quality pieces of art which will be used on our travel banner and displayed on the school gates. 

Forest School Competition


We are pleased to announce that Thomas in 3CS was the winner of the National Forest School Association logo competition. Thomas’ logo will be printed on to hoodies, mugs, programmes and front covers. Congratulations Thomas!


E.Y.E. Eco Summit


Eco Committee members in years 5 and 6 attended the Eco Summit at Worthing College. Children took part in lots of environmental workshops and visited stands which promoted the importance of sustainable travel, planting pollinator friendly flowers, making homes for animals, recycling and caring for the environment. 

Viridor Mixed Recycling Facility trip 


Children from our year 3 and 4 Eco Committee visited our local Mixed Recycling Facility in Ford.


Viridor bring our recycled resources to life by not letting ‘waste’ go to waste. Instead, they transform it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy.


We learnt about all the items we can recycle at home, what is made from recycled items and how they sort and filter through tons of recycling each day. We also made our own reusable bag and Viridor kindly gave each child a pencil made from recycled paper and sharpener from recycled plastic.  

Hedgehog Visit


Year 3 and 4 received a visit from some very cute prickly creatures during hedgehog week! They learnt about what hedgehogs like to eat and about their habitats. Here is Holly the Hedgehog.

Ashden Awards Less C02 


Over the past year Mrs Mayes has been working with the Ashden Awards and 12 other local schools in reducing our C02 emissions in school.


Since attending the workshops we have installed thermometers in each class, enabling the Eco Committee and Energy Rangers to monitor classroom temperatures on a weekly basis and review the data termly.

Our Energy Rangers have also been using a digital thermometer to take readings during each energy check.


Mrs Mayes has also been reviewing how we use electricity in school, how we can be more sustainable and promoting pupils and members of staff to turn off electrical equipment when not needed. 


We are pleased to announce that we are now an accredited Less CO2 school!  

Photo of pupils shoes on Happy Shoes DayWalk to School Week


It was lovely to see the children wearing their happy shoes to celebrate Happy Shoesday. Children also took part in a travel survey and the data collected will be added to our Travel Plan, helping us to develop future actions and events.  

Air Quality

Bar chart showing nitrogen dioxide resultsDuring Eco Club our school committee analysed our Nitrogen Dioxide test tube results. The test tubes were hung in the school grounds for 3 weeks and then sent for testing at a laboratory for accurate results. The committee were pleased to see that our results fell within the UK legal limits of 40 micrograms per cubic metre, but learnt that the World Health Organisation recommendations are 10 micrograms per cubic metre. You can help reduce CO2 around the school grounds by walking, cycling or scooting to school and turning off your engine while waiting for your children.  

Help a South African School 


Thank you letter from Help a South African School campaign following our donation of booksDuring summer term 2018 we donated boxes of unwanted school books along with books donated by children, parents & carers to a charity, who presented them to schools in South Africa. This week we received a thank you letter for our kind donations and learnt that the charity collected over 1,000 boxes.  

Air Quality Project


Our Eco Committee continued with their workshops on air quality and learnt about how to produce a campaign to support their project. We discussed how to design eye-catching posters with a clear message to their target audience and the importance of a quote or catchphrase to help embed their message.

Green Heart Hero Awards


Mrs Mayes joined Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham, and committee members from the E.Y.E (Eco, Young and Engaged) Project at the Houses of Parliament, as the project was shortlisted in the top three for a Green Heart Hero award.


The Green Heart Hero Awards are a once a year opportunity to recognise the incredible work happening up and down the country to build a sustainable future by going the extra mile to protect the people and places we love from climate change.


The E.Y.E Project unfortunately didn't win the award but the committee were extremely proud to be nominated and to get so far. Mr Loughton then gave the committee a tour of the House of Lords and they sat in on a live debate in the House of Commons!

Air Quality Project


Photo of pupils conducting survey about Air Quality outside of the school buildingThe upper school Eco Committee have continued their work on learning about and gathering data on air quality around our school. During Eco Club, Daisy from Sustrans discussed why some roads would have more air pollution than others and how we can plan routes using a map to avoid overly congested areas. After school on Tuesday some members of the year 5 committee were joined by Janey from Living Streets, Mrs Mayes, Mr Gadd and Mrs Gilham (School Governor), to talk to parents/carers waiting for their children and highlight the importance of turning off their engines and choosing more active travel on their school journey. This could include walking, scooting, cycling or park and stride. 

Air Quality Assembly


During assembly we were joined by Janey Bray from Living Streets, who spoke to the children about air quality. We learnt about what causes air pollution and how we can reduce this within our school community. Did you know that you can save fuel if you turn your engine off whilst waiting for your children, which also helps to reduce air pollution? Janey will be joining members of the year 5 Eco Committee outside school at 3.00pm to hand out leaflets and talk to parents/carers about active travel and air quality.

Lichen and air pollution


During Eco Club, the year 5 and 6 committee members took part in their second workshop on air quality, run by Sustrans. We learnt about lichen and air pollution. We analysed different types of lichen and learnt how bushy and leafy lichen are more sensitive to nitrogen dioxide, and how crusty lichen love polluted air. When you walk to school have a look at some trees, walls and rooftops. Can you see any lichen? Is it yellow due to air pollution?

Fuel for the future


Mr Mayes from AD Fuels discussed renewable energy with the Eco Committee. We learnt about green power such as solar, wind and hydro. We then discussed the process of creating biogas by using anaerobic digestion where food, amenity waste, crops, and slurry are used to create gas which can be used to power our cars, cookers and boilers. Mr Mayes talked to us about the two types of gas created during this process compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) and how lorries are able to transport the gas to ports and fueling stations.

Air pollution


During Eco Committee, the year 5 and 6 committee members took part in their first workshop on air quality, run by Sustrans. We learnt about what causes air pollution and how we can take steps to reduce this in our local environment. Air testing equipment was placed in designated spots within the school grounds and the results will be sent to a science lab for evaluation and then reviewed by children in future sessions.

Lewis Crathern Visit 

Lewis Crathern, Kitesurfer (2016 Big Air Vice World Champion and British Record Holder), coach, and commentator visited TAB, leading two assemblies and two kite surfing demonstrations on the school field. He inspired the children not only with his exploits, but also with his story of how dreams combine with hard work and commitment. Explaining to the children about the equipment used, the techniques involved, and telling them about his adventures around the world, Lewis also led a Q&A session in each assembly. An inspirational visit from an inspirational man – an afternoon to remember.

Eco Summit


Eco Committee members in year 4 and 5 attended the Eco Summit event at Worthing High School. The children took part in lots of different environmental workshops highlighting the importance of recycling, looking after our pollinator friendly insects, pollution in our seas and lots more.
We are pleased to announce that we won an award for all our pollination work undertaken in school and James in year 4 won an award for the most creative vegetable animal.
The Eco Summit was featured in the Worthing Herald

Southern Rail Go Learn


Our year 5 children took part in a workshop session run by Southern Rail. They learnt how to use a train timetable, how to plan a trip using a timetable and connecting trains, how trains operate along the south coast, the importance of staying safe near a railway line and how trains are a sustainable form of transport. The children all enjoyed the sessions and felt what they had learnt would support them next time they use the train on their journey to school or for a day trip with their family.

Picasso Art


During Eco club we looked at pieces of Picasso’s art and interpreted our own designs to make portraits using cardboard.


Photo of art work

E.Y.E Project Competition


Eco Committee members recently entered a competition with the E.Y.E Project (Eco, Young and Engaged) and Southern Co-operative to design an Eco poem and poster.


We are pleased to announce that Abigail in year 5 came runner up in the age 8-9 category, Jasper in year 6 won the age 10 category and Isabella in year 5 came 3rd place, and Ciara in year 6 came runner up in the age 11-13 category. A huge well done!


Southern Co-operative said that judging the competition was a really tough job! They were so impressed with the thought process, energy and creativity that went into the posters. So much so that they are going to be displaying them in their office.

Eco Committee

During Eco Club the committee decided they would like to use the money they have raised from their Eco incentives to sponsor an animal with WWF. Lower school committee voted on sponsoring a Jaguar and the upper school committee voted on a Panda. We would like to introduce you to Jeffrey the Jaguar and Pippin the Panda, who will be joining Busta our Eco Club mascot in his weekly Eco adventures with the committee.

E.Y.E (Eco, Young and Engaged) Project - 2017

Clare Sutton from the E.Y.E Project joined the Eco Committee one afternoon where she had the opportunity to talk to the children about our Eco work. Clare featured her meeting in the November E.Y.E Project Newsletter which is shared with over 25 local schools:

Member School Feature - Thomas a Becket Junior School


The E.Y.E Project was invited to join eco committee members at Thomas a Becket Junior School for one of their eco club sessions.


It was abundantly clear that the group of 20, year 5&6 pupils, were proud to be on the eco committee and were extremely enthusiastic about their eco club activities. They were proud to wear their new eco committee badges and excited to talk to the E.Y.E Project about eco activities at their school. One of the pupils who has attended an E.Y.E Project Eco Summit expressed “I love the E.Y.E Project – It’s so good!”


During the lunchtime session, a pupil read the recent diary entry of the eco club mascot, Buster, who reported on the different recycling bins found in Gozo whilst he was on holiday with one of the eco club members. Buster gets to go home with a different pupil each week and reports on his eco adventures in his diary! After hearing about Buster’s adventures, the eco club divided up in pairs to audit the eco signage around the school, including classrooms, staff offices, toilets and corridors. Pupils checked that each area had the correct signs including the school eco code; turn off light signs; turn off water signs; turn off computer signs; recycling monitor name sign; light monitor name sign. They also checked that every classroom had a pen recycling pot. Last year the school recycled 30kg of pens!


Thomas a Becket are a Green Flag Eco School, they have been an Ambassador Eco School and will now be in the Eco Schools Hall of Fame (along with The E.Y.E Project!). They are a large school with around 700 pupils. They run two eco club sessions each week during lunchtimes, one for years 3&4 and the other for years 5&6, with a total of 37 eco committee members. To spread eco engagement across the school there are separate groups of litter rangers and energy rangers (each with around 40 pupils). The rangers carry out their duties once a week during breaktime. There are also recycling and light monitors for every class, so around a quarter of the school are engaged in eco activities at any one time. All Yr 3&4 pupils also enjoy Forest School sessions.


The school takes part in Fairtrade Fortnight; Road Safety week; Walk to School week; Funky Feet Friday; and the E.Y.E Project Eco Summit each year. They are involved with the Learning Through Landscapes Polli:nation Project with other local schools. Details of their eco activities can be found on their website Details of the Polli:nation project and their Fairtrade activities can also be found under the ‘extra-curricular’ tab.


When asked what their favourite thing about being in the eco club was, one pupil said ‘everything’ while another told me that no one is persuading them to do it and it is great that so many pupils want to be involved and apply to be an eco-committee member, and another advised that it was the planting and seed bombing.


Pupils advised that they collect milk bottle tops (for Sight Support Worthing); plant flowers; make and throw seed bombs; find animals; draw animals; make homes for bees; enter loads of eco competitions; make items from Fairtrade products for raffles; make eco craft such as collages from magazines and newspapers; and write letters using persuasive writing skills. Some pupils have recently written to Theresa May encouraging her to consider Fairtrade in Brexit negotiations.


The energy rangers award points to classes, for example turning equipment off, and each term the winning class is announced in assembly and the class receives a poster and a pot of treats. There are also prizes for the weirdest thing found by a litter ranger during litter picking!


Pupils advised that being part of the eco club has made them more conscious of littering issues outside of school, that they turn off lights more at home, they recycle more at home, and they walk and cycle more.


It was a delight to meet the eco committee members from Thomas a Becket – thank you for involving the E.Y.E Project to your eco club meeting!

Road Safety Week 2017 


Photo of Road Safety Week Certificate


Mrs Mayes, Mrs Saunders and the year 6 Eco Committee held an assembly to highlight the importance of wearing brightly coloured clothes, wearing your cycle helmet and the Green Cross Code to help keep children safe on the journey to school. 


To support Road Safety Week the children came into school wearing their brightly coloured clothes to highlight the importance of being seen when walking, cycling or scooting to school now the winter months are approaching. 


We also offered the opportunity for parents/carers to purchase high visibility jackets. 

Eco Summit 


14 children from our year 4 and 5 Eco Committee joined 24 local schools at the Eco Summit held at Davison High School. The children had the opportunity to take part in lots of different workshops and made key rings from high visibility clothing, held bearded dragons, giant snails, a gecko and snakes, made bread and ice-cream and learnt about where our food comes from.
Our vegetable garden
Members of our Eco Committee have been planting lots of vegetable seeds in our raised beds. We are hoping to have plenty of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, courgettes and herbs growing this summer.
Worthing Society for the Blind
Thank you from Worthing Society for the Blind, who collected another 10 bags of milk bottle tops from school. They receive money for the bottle tops which then get recycled into play equipment & dustbins.
Farm to Fork - Eat Happy Project
Our year 5 children visited our local Tesco Extra store to learn about where our food comes from. Children made a healthy cereal, tasted a selection of cheeses, visited the fish monger and watched a demonstration on filleting a piece of fish. They also looked around the fruit and vegetable aisles to see how far our food travels and researched which fruit or vegetable had traveled the furthest. They also learnt about Fairtrade bananas.

Mackley Construction 


We would like to say a big thank you to Mackley Construction, who kindly donated 90 high visibility jackets to the school after hearing about our 'Be bright, be seen' non uniform day. The children will be wearing the jackets during all school trips within walking distance, and also for other events like our scooter training.


Road Safety Week 2016

Children took part in our 'Be bright, Be seen' non uniform day to promote safer travel to school by making ourselves as bright as possible now that the winter months are approaching.


Photo of Road Safety Week Certificate

Toilet Twinning Update


We are pleased to announce that, with the kind donation from Ideal Standard, we have been able to sponsor 4 toilets situated in some of the poorest countries in the world

Southern Water – ‘Pound a Poem’ Finalists

Mrs Mayes and Mrs Brown joined our ten ‘Pound a Poem’ finalists at the Southern Water ceremony.


Our finalists enjoyed a buffet lunch and had the opportunity to talk with Southern Water about their water saving devices, and how important it is for everyone to have access to clean water. The children read their poems to a delighted audience, and they were each presented with a framed certificate and goody bag. We are also pleased to announce that Abdul in Year 6 won the 1st prize of a £100.00 Love2Shop voucher, Maddie in Year 3 won the 2nd prize of a £50.00 voucher, and Benjamin in Year 5 won the 3rd prize of a £25.00 voucher.


A big congratulations to our Top Ten finalists for their brilliant poems!

Walk to School Week Results - May 2016

We have compared our data from the autumn term survey with our 'Walk to School Week' data in May 2016, and we calculate that:
82.9% of children travel to school sustainably
There is a 65.9% increase in children scooting to school.
There is a 13.5% decrease in children travelling to school by car.


Eco Art competition

We were invited by the E.Y.E Project (Eco, Young and Engaged) to take part in an Eco art competition which would be displayed at the Eco Summit and Ropetackle Art Centre in Shoreham. The competition was sponsored by Shoreham Port and we are pleased to announce that Louis and Zack in year 6 won the primary school category and received an art set each and £125.00 for the school and Bronwyn in year 4 was runner up in this category.
Congratulations to our winners. 

Southern Water - Pound a Poem for Water Aid

Recently children had the opportunity to support Water Aid with Southern Water by entering the Pound a Poem competition. After our assembly the children were asked to write a poem between 6-8 lines long about the importance of having clean water.
I am pleased to announce the poems have been judged down to the final 10 and all 10 are from TAB. They have now been passed on to the Executive Management Team at Southern Water who will decide the winners. We have been invited to an awards ceremony on the 8th July where the winners will be announced. 

Eco Summit

Some of our children from the year 4 and 5 Eco committee attended the Eco Summit at Davison High School. The children took part in lots of workshops which included creating art pieces from materials on the theme of 'seasons' and making planets from items washed up on the beach. We also learnt about growing vegetables and the importance of recycling. We had the opportunity to hold a Bearded Dragon, Gekho, Corn Snake and giant African Snail and we discussed the dangers these animals encounter such as loss of habitat and food.

ECO Club Wild Seed Planting


Our Eco video shows some members of the committee taking part in a wild seed planting activity within Eco club. The video will also be shown to E.Y.E Project member schools at the Eco Summit held at Davisons High School.


Still image for this video

Southern Water "WaterAid" Competition


Representatives from Southern Water recently visited Thomas A Becket Junior School and spoke to the children during an assembly to inform them about Water Aid and the 'Pound a Poem' competition. Their mission is to raise money so they can provide fresh water and sanitation for people in Cambodia.
Southern Water showed the children a short video of a young girl's three mile journey to collect water every day for her family. We discussed how much water we all use and how lucky we are to have clean running water. 
Water Aid is asking children to write a six to eight line poem about what having clean water means to them.  They are requesting a £1 entry fee for the chance to win £100 'Love2Shop' vouchers for 1st prize, £50 'Love2Shop' vouchers for 2nd prize and eight runner-up prizes of a trip to Southern Water's Peacehaven Treatment Site.
Good luck to all the children who have entered!

Toilet Twinning Update


Children in 5CS recently wrote letters to cleaning suppliers and water companies asking if they would be able to donate funds to support toilet twinning.


We received a letter this week from W&P Healthcare and Hygiene who thanked us for bringing this interesting project to their attention and for the lovely letters the children had written. They have kindly donated £243.00 which has sponsored a toilet block in Pakistan.


Toilet twinning raises funds to support water and sanitation work in some of the poorest countries. By supporting them in their vital mission, we are helping to do something about the fact that 2.4 billion people don't have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the toilet. For more information visit


We would like to thank Ideal Standard, who after receiving our letter from the children in 5CS, have kindly donated £240.00 which will sponsor a toilet block in one of the poorest countries

Dress A Girl Around The World


We worked with Davison High School to ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ where we donated dresses made from a simple pillow-case.


We set a target with Davison’s to make 50 dresses and we are pleased to announce we reached our goal. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made or donated a dress. For more information please visit the website

ECO Club Activities Spring Term 2016


This term during Eco club the committee have been making pieces of magazine art. The children drew a large scale drawing and then used strips of magazine to create their art work.


The committee has also been painting their bird boxes ready to assemble around the school grounds.

Visit to Ford Mixed Recycling Facility 2016


Children within the Year 6 Eco committee and Litter Ranger group visited the Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) in Ford.


We talked about all the items we can recycle at home and what happens to them once they reach the MRF. We learnt that 20 two litre plastic bottles can make a fleece and that recycled paper can make a pencil.

We also took part in activities and designed our own bag.

Beach Clean with the Marine Conservation Society


On Saturday 19th September we joined Transition Town Worthing along with the Marine Conservation Society and the Sussex Wildlife Trust to take part in the ‘Great British Beach Clean’.


Volunteers gathered at Beach House garden and split into groups along the seafront to gather litter and search for egg casings.

A litter survey was completed and the information gathered will be calculated by the Marine Conservation Society to create data on items found along our coastline.


The Sussex Wildlife Trust gathered all egg casings found to analyse the amount of dog fish, skate, rays and other fish that have been born this summer.