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Bikeability and Scooter Training

As one of the leading Eco-Schools in the country we encourage our children (& their parents) to travel to & from school as sustainably as possible. To help ensure that this is done as safely as possible we offer bespoke scooter and Bikeability (bicycle) training to our children, delivered by our team of qualified staff.

Scooter training 

Children undertake a 30 minute session on the school grounds where they learn the key skills of scooting to school safely such as high visibility clothing, respecting pedestrians, safe pavement usage, crossing the road, safe stopping distance, skatepark etiquette, road awareness and scooter control. 


After completing their training, children will be awarded their TAB scooter permit


We advise that all children undertake scooter training before riding their scooter to school 


Bikeability is the government recognised syllabus for cycle training in the UK and our courses are based on the National Standard for cycle and instructor training. 


Cycling is a life skill and learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage and our progressive courses support children's skills, confidence and cycling ability during their level 1 training, undertaken on the school grounds, before heading to local roads to complete their level 2 training. 


Level 1

  • Bike and helmet safety check
  • Set off, pedal, slow down and stop
  • Ride whilst looking behind, cycling one handed, turning and controlling speed


Children must demonstrate competent cycle control skills during their level 1 training to progress to on-road training.

Level 2

  • Cycle safely and responsibly
  • Identify and respond to hazards
  • Start and stop on-road journeys
  • Maintain suitable riding positions
  • Share the road with others and communicate with other road users
  • Comply with signals, signs and road markings
  • Manage risk when cycling
  • Negotiate junctions (pass side roads, turn at T junctions, and crossroads and roundabouts if present).


Our level 1 and 2 courses are not designed to teach children how to ride their bike, but to increase their skills, observation, hazard awareness and perception of risk with support from qualified instructors. 


Children will receive a Bikeability certificate, badge and booklet after completing their training. Feedback will be provided to parents/carers on the certificate with clear information about their child's cycling abilities.


Riding a bike or scooter to school can improve both physical and mental wellbeing as well as being a great form of transport, it's also good news for the environment and helps reduce traffic and carbon emissions.