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Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument is a fun, social activity that we encourage as many children as possible at TAB to be involved in. It can help children to gain confidence, express themselves, gain a new skill and improves memory to help children across their school curriculum. Playing an instrument can also have an incredibly positive impact on children’s mental health. Research has shown that children who play a musical instrument have reduced stress and anxiety, reduced depression and increased self-esteem.


“Not only do you learn a new skill but it opens a part of you that you might not have known before.” Aiofe

“If you learn an instrument it opens up more opportunities.” Erin

“It’s something you can be proud of and show other people.” Lexie

 “It’s exciting to learn something and then show your friends.” Eden

“You can express yourself with music.” Molly

“You can learn new songs.” Tia

“If you’re bored it gives you a good thing to do.” Emily