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Welcome to our Eco-Schools homepage


In May 2011 our school became an Eco-Schools’ Ambassador School, currently one of only twenty schools in the UK to hold this award. This followed a rigorous application and assessment process. Reassessment for this award takes place later this year.


To achieve this award we have to be working on all 9 areas of the Eco-Schools framework, be building ‘greeness’ into both the day-to-day life of the school and the pupils’ learning, as well as supporting other schools and organisations to become ‘greener’ themselves.


Since achieving this award our ‘green’ work continues not only within school but also within our local community and further afield. We are working hard to introduce opportunities to involve the families of our pupils as well as local businesses and organisations within our ‘green’ development.

More information about the work we are undertaking can be found in the newsletters below.


Mrs Michelle Mayes, our Eco-Schools’ Co-ordinator, always welcomes support and ideas for the ‘green’ work that we do. If you would like to be involved in our work, or have ideas to offer, please contact the school office.

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Latest ECO Activities

Crossing Patrol

We would like to say a huge thank you to Dave our School Crossing Patrol who has been helping our pupils cross the road safely at Wiston Avenue for 11 years!


We presented Dave with vouchers and a card during assembly today. We are sure you will join us in wishing Dave all the best for the future, he will be greatly missed by us all.






Dave writes:

"Could you please say thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff for the lovely retirement presents. I had so many cards and gifts it is impossible to say a personal thank you to everyone and to say how moved I was by them. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time working as the lollipop man over the years and will miss everyone but not the early mornings and bad weather.
Once again thank you"

Road Safety Week 2017 



Mrs Mayes, Mrs Saunders and the year 6 Eco Committee held an assembly on Monday 27th November to highlight the importance of wearing brightly coloured clothes, wearing your cycle helmet and the Green Cross Code to help keep pupils safe on the journey to school. 


To support Road Safety Week the children came into school wearing their brightly coloured clothes to highlight the importance of being seen when walking, cycling or scooting to school now the winter months are approaching. 


We also offered the opportunity for parents/carers to purchase high visibility jackets. 

Eco Summit 20th June


14 pupils from our year 4 and 5 Eco Committee joined 24 local schools at the Eco Summit held at Davison High School on Tuesday 20th June. The children had the opportunity to take part in lots of different workshops and made key rings from high visibility clothing, held bearded dragons, giant snails, a gecko and snakes, made bread and ice-cream and learnt about where our food comes from.
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Our vegetable garden
Members of our Eco Committee have been planting lots of vegetable seeds in our raised beds. We are hoping to have plenty of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, courgettes and herbs growing this summer.
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Worthing Society for the Blind
Thank you from Worthing Society for the Blind, who collected another 10 bags of milk bottle tops from us on Friday 31st March. They receive money for the bottle tops which then get recycled into play equipment & dustbins.
Farm to Fork - Eat Happy Project
Our year 5 pupils visited our local Tesco Extra store to learn about where our food comes from. Children made a healthy cereal, tasted a selection of cheeses, visited the fish monger and watched a demonstration on filleting a piece of fish. They also looked around the fruit and vegetable aisles to see how far our food travels and researched which fruit or vegetable had traveled the furthest. They also learnt about Fairtrade bananas.

Mackley Construction 


We would like to say a big thank you to Mackley Construction, who kindly donated 90 high visibility jackets to the school after hearing about our 'Be bright, be seen' non uniform day. The children will be wearing the jackets during all school trips within walking distance, and also for other events like our scooter training.


Road Safety Week 2016

Pupils took part in our 'Be bright, Be seen' non uniform day to promote safer travel to school by making ourselves as bright as possible now that the winter months are approaching.


Toilet Twinning Update


We are pleased to announce that, with the kind donation from Ideal Standard, we have been able to sponsor 4 toilets situated in some of the poorest countries in the world

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Southern Water – ‘Pound a Poem’ Finalists
Mrs Mayes and Mrs Brown joined our ten ‘Pound a Poem’ finalists at the Southern Water ceremony on Friday 8th July 2016.


Our finalists enjoyed a buffet lunch and had the opportunity to talk with Southern Water about their water saving devices, and how important it is for everyone to have access to clean water. The children read their poems to a delighted audience, and they were each presented with a framed certificate and goody bag. We are also pleased to announce that Abdul in Year 6 won the 1st prize of a £100.00 Love2Shop voucher, Maddie in Year 3 won the 2nd prize of a £50.00 voucher, and Benjamin in Year 5 won the 3rd prize of a £25.00 voucher.


A big congratulations to our Top Ten finalists for their brilliant poems!
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Walk to School Week Results - May 2016

We have compared our data from the autumn term survey with our 'Walk to School Week' data in May 2016, and we calculate that:
82.9% of children travel to school sustainably
There is a 65.9% increase in children scooting to school.
There is a 13.5% decrease in pupils travelling to school by car.


Eco Art competition

We were invited by the E.Y.E Project (Eco, Young and Engaged) to take part in an Eco art competition which would be displayed at the Eco Summit and Ropetackle Art Centre in Shoreham. The competition was sponsored by Shoreham Port and we are pleased to announce that Louis and Zack in year 6 won the primary school category and received an art set each and £125.00 for the school and Bronwyn in year 4 was runner up in this category.
Congratulations to our winners. 
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Southern Water - Pound a Poem for Water Aid

Recently pupils had the opportunity to support Water Aid with Southern Water by entering the Pound a Poem competition. After our assembly the children were asked to write a poem between 6-8 lines long about the importance of having clean water.
I am pleased to announce the poems have been judged down to the final 10 and all 10 are from TAB. They have now been passed on to the Executive Management Team at Southern Water who will decide the winners. We have been invited to an awards ceremony on the 8th July where the winners will be announced. 

Eco Summit

On Tuesday 21st June some children from the year 4 and 5 Eco committee attended the Eco Summit at Davison High School. The children took part in lots of workshops which included creating art pieces from materials on the theme of 'seasons' and making planets from items washed up on the beach. We also learnt about growing vegetables and the importance of recycling. We had the opportunity to hold a Bearded Dragon, Gekho, Corn Snake and giant African Snail and we discussed the dangers these animals encounter such as loss of habitat and food.
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ECO Club Wild Seed Planting


Our Eco video shows some members of the committee taking part in a wild seed planting activity within Eco club. The video will also be shown to E.Y.E Project member schools at the Eco Summit held at Davisons High School on Tuesday 21st June 2016.


Still image for this video

Southern Water "WaterAid" Competition


Representatives from Southern Water recently visited Thomas A Becket Junior School and spoke to the children during an assembly to inform them about Water Aid and the 'Pound a Poem' competition. Their mission is to raise money so they can provide fresh water and sanitation for people in Cambodia.
Southern Water showed the children a short video of a young girl's three mile journey to collect water every day for her family. We discussed how much water we all use and how lucky we are to have clean running water. 
Water Aid is asking children to write a six to eight line poem about what having clean water means to them.  They are requesting a £1 entry fee for the chance to win £100 'Love2Shop' vouchers for 1st prize, £50 'Love2Shop' vouchers for 2nd prize and eight runner-up prizes of a trip to Southern Water's Peacehaven Treatment Site.
Good luck to all the pupils who have entered!

Toilet Twinning Update


Children in 5CS recently wrote letters to cleaning suppliers and water companies asking if they would be able to donate funds to support toilet twinning.


We received a letter this week from W&P Healthcare and Hygiene who thanked us for bringing this interesting project to their attention and for the lovely letters the children had written. They have kindly donated £243.00 which has sponsored a toilet block in Pakistan.


Toilet twinning raises funds to support water and sanitation work in some of the poorest countries. By supporting them in their vital mission, we are helping to do something about the fact that 2.4 billion people don't have somewhere safe and hygienic to go to the toilet. For more information visit


We would like to thank Ideal Standard, who after receiving our letter from the children in 5CS, have kindly donated £240.00 which will sponsor a toilet block in one of the poorest countries

Dress A Girl Around The World


We worked with Davison High School to ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ where we donated dresses made from a simple pillow-case.


We set a target with Davison’s to make 50 dresses and we are pleased to announce we reached our goal. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made or donated a dress. For more information please visit the website

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ECO Club Activities Spring Term 2016


This term during Eco club the committee have been making pieces of magazine art. The children drew a large scale drawing and then used strips of magazine to create their art work.


The committee has also been painting their bird boxes ready to assemble around the school grounds.

Visit to Ford Mixed Recycling Facility 8th February 2016


Children within the Year 6 Eco committee and Litter Ranger group visited the Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) in Ford.


We talked about all the items we can recycle at home and what happens to them once they reach the MRF. We learnt that 20 two litre plastic bottles can make a fleece and that recycled paper can make a pencil.

We also took part in activities and designed our own bag.

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Beach Clean with the Marine Conservation Society


On Saturday 19th September we joined Transition Town Worthing along with the Marine Conservation Society and the Sussex Wildlife Trust to take part in the ‘Great British Beach Clean’.


Volunteers gathered at Beach House garden and split into groups along the seafront to gather litter and search for egg casings.

A litter survey was completed and the information gathered will be calculated by the Marine Conservation Society to create data on items found along our coastline.


The Sussex Wildlife Trust gathered all egg casings found to analyse the amount of dog fish, skate, rays and other fish that have been born this summer.

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Glyn-Jones Sunflower competition


During the Summer Term the children were able to take part in ‘Grow a Sunflower’ competition with Glyn-Jones Estate Agent. The child who grew the tallest sunflower would win an iPad Mini and £250.00 horticultural vouchers for their school.


Over 20 schools and hundreds of pupils entered and we are very pleased to announce that Albert won the competition and a representative from Glyn-Jones visited the school and presented Albert with his prize during assembly.


Well done Albert!


E.Y.E Eco Summit 2015


On Monday 13th July some children in the Year 4 and 5 Eco committee attended the E.Y.E. (Eco, Young and Engaged) Summit at Shoreham College.


We took part in lots of different Eco themed workshops throughout the day such as playing instruments made from ‘junk’, taking part in drama workshops and thinking about animals who live in the Amazon. We also did a’ bug cycle’ made from recycled materials the West Sussex Waste Prevention department. We met local marine biologist Steve Savage for the ‘One world one ocean’ activity and another activity was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where the children made artwork from old bicycle wheels making an ‘Eco snail’ which is displayed at Beach House Gardens.


The children also had the amazing opportunity to help write a verse of an Eco song with James King whose song ‘Breath’ is the England ‘Eco Schools’ anthem.

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Tesco Farm to Fork 'Eat Happy' Project

At the end of last term the children within Year 5 visited our local Tesco Extra Store to learn about where food comes from.


We made fruit kebabs and tasted a selection of cheeses. We had the opportunity to visit the warehouse and the children enjoyed feeling how cold the chiller and freezer were. During the trip we spoke to the fishmonger and he held a demonstration on filleting a piece of fish

Year 7 Revelopment Project


Year 7 pupils undertake a redevelopment project within Worthing which encourages a new look at our local area.

To support this project some Eco committee members visited the Waste House in Brighton which gave them the opportunity to look at materials used within the building project which was made entirely from thrown away or unwanted items.

Duncan Baker-Brown, who was the Architect on the Waste House project, spoke to the children about the importance of using recycled materials within the redevelopment as for every 3 houses built another house could be built from the waste materials.

He discussed living roofs, solar panels and water harvesting and educated the children on sustainable energy.

During our time at the Waste House we were visited by a Russian film crew who are producing a news feature about the work Duncan and his team have undertaken.

On returning to school the children had a sustainable area to research and they presented their findings to their class. This knowledge helped support the recycling and environmental aspect of their redevelopment projects.

Recycled Christmas Tree


During Eco club we designed a Christmas tree from unwanted and recycled materials. Our aim is for the children to see these items in a different perspective ‘how can we use?’

We collected unwanted cardboard from Tesco Extra and Katie Thomas, Tesco Community Champion, supported us in creating our tree during Eco club.

The committee used bottle tops to make baubles, tinsel and decorations, we used unwanted material to make bows, carrier bags were plaited to make tinsel, and unwanted wool was used to make pom poms.

Mrs Mayes said ‘It was lovely to see the children use their imagination and creativity to make the decorations’.

Our recycled Christmas tree was displayed in reception which helped to support our message of making something beautiful from junk.

Bottle Top Artwork


Volunteers from Wastebusters held an assembly with our Year 4 and 5 Eco committee members and the Eco committee members from Thomas A Becket First School. They talked to the children about items that can be recycled and what we can produce from recycled items.

We used some wood donated to the Eco committee and the children drew a wave effect across the two boards. We then sorted and stuck coloured bottle tops to each section.

The Wastebusters volunteers helped create our bottle top wave with our Eco club.
We will be displaying our recycled art work within the school to support our Eco topic of ‘making something beautiful from junk’

Name The Gritter Competition


The children within the Eco committee entered a competition from West Sussex County Council and Balfour Beatty to ‘Name the Gritter’.This annual competition now in its 4th year is a great fun way to think about safe travel and to remind people to “Be Bright and Be Seen” which is a key road safety message.

We are proud to announce that Ellie in 5MC won the competition calling the gritter ‘Olaf’. Ellie won a voucher, the school won some gritter resources and 5MC won a visit from the gritter.