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Formula Goblin

Formula Goblin Go-Kart Club


Formula Goblin Club gives Year 6 pupils the opportunity to build their very own functioning and drivable electric go-kart.


The kart is assembled from kit-form, where the pupils split off into various teams to build the chassis, axles, steering mechanism and electrical system. The build introduces children to basic mechanics and on completion they have the opportunity to train and compete against other schools from across the country.


The ‘TABinator’ (as the go-kart has been aptly named) may be frequently seen jetting about the school grounds as the pupils practise and train themselves up for the competitive events. 


Please see below for photographs of the building process and some of the events we have competed in.



Gathering of Goblins, Portsmouth, March 2017



The Goblin go kart, also named as the Tabinator, was fun to build as I was working along with Finn, Joseph, Israar, Thomas, Luka and Mr Watson. We started from scratch with only metal poles, wires and a motor, but built it up. The progress made in the first lesson was minimal as we only managed to put together the bottom frame; it seemed like it was going to take months. But here we are, six weeks later, getting ready for our first event at the Portsmouth Naval establishment.


There were thirty teams and we knew it was going to be a tough competition. We put the body panels on, pumped up the tyres and greased the bearings as we had our first set of events before lunch, six slalom races and six drag races. We were successful as we took first in slalom but did not get on the podium for the drag.


The circuit race was the last event and there were three rounds: the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. If we did not make it through the first round, we would be eliminated. We had a team vote for who was to drive and I was picked, thanks to my team. I was overjoyed and thankful, but the first race was about to begin. I was able to take the inner line – the fastest route – and, despite tough competition, it was a win!  As a result, we made it through to the semi-finals, so the team and I were even more excited. As I waited for the next heat, I was starting to get nervous, but my group gave me confidence as I rolled up to the starting line. It was another win and I couldn't believe it – we made it to the finals but there was no time to celebrate as they had already called out our car number for the race. It was an excellent start as I led in front, but that didn't last long as another kart started gaining momentum and eventually overtook. I could not catch up, and they finished in first place and we finished second. The group and I were celebrating as we finished second and took home three trophies!


By Leo, 6RW

Picture 1 Using a ratchet, socket and spanner
Picture 2 Drilling pilot holes for self-tapping screws
Picture 3 Drilling pilot holes for self-tapping screws
Picture 4 Helping to set the tracking
Picture 5
Picture 6 The new overalls (kindly sponsored by Ricardo)
Picture 7 The front axle reassembled
Picture 8 Assembling the bottom chassis
Picture 9 Dismantling and reassembling the front stub axle
Picture 10 A finished top chassis!