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In the autumn term, the pupils will study the text ‘Brightstorm’ by Vashti Hardy.  They use the engage, plan, draft, review and celebrate process to support their writing of a narrative.  In history, Y6 study life in Victorian Britain.  Each Y6 child will take on the persona of a poor Victorian child and will document their life in their own journal throughout the term.  To deepen children’s understanding of what life was like for poor Victorian children, there will be a visit from Rainbow Theatre where we will learn about the various jobs that children were made to do during these times.  


In the spring term the main text that is examined is ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo.  This helps the pupils to focus on the purpose and audience of the writing.  Through the context of the text, the pupils learn about WWI.  In science, the children investigate materials or extend their knowledge of electricity and light which builds on their learning from Y4. These topics are also covered in the summer term as classes swap their foci.  In geography, the children consolidate their prior learning across KS2 to create a final project that shows their understanding of physical and human geography. 


In the summer term, we will be preparing the children to transfer to high school at the end of Y6. The topic of “Passport to the World” includes studies of Ancient Greece and the origins of democracy. Using their prior knowledge of the Ancient Greeks, in geography they will also explore what the Greek legacy is and about significant key events before comparing city states and making choices as to where they would rather live.  


Year 6 holds a strong commitment to helping the children to develop lifelong learning skills such as collaboration, independent thinking skills and perseverance. Many opportunities are planned for children to develop and practise these skills throughout each term and time is given for the children to reflect on how they are progressing as learners and what they need to do next to improve. Our increasing opportunities for children to learn in a more self-directed and self-evaluative way, helps to prepare them for high school.


Of course, during Y6 the children will sit the National Curriculum Tests that take place in May. However, our aim is to make the test situation as stress-free as possible whilst at the same time ensuring the children feel prepared and are able to show the best of their knowledge, skills and understanding.


Year 6 is an exciting year, there are many opportunities for the children to have greater involvement in the running of the school and planning of the curriculum. There are many opportunities for children to be involved in extracurricular activities, leadership roles and many other experiences that will help to prepare them for high school…and beyond.


Mrs. Karen Wise and Mrs. Zoe Borley - Assistant Headteachers

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