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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to the year 5 curriculum page. We hope that you enjoy finding out more about the year 5 curriculum, which has been carefully balanced to both integrate academic and personal development. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.


As a stunning start to the autumn term the children will visit the Planetarium in Chichester to start our journey of exploration about our planet and solar system. They will then move on to study the effect forces have on us on Earth.


Throughout our geography unit the children will use their knowledge of physical and human features of the land to explore West Sussex and why settlements have been built in certain areas; the diverse uses of the landscape; as well as the diversity of the population of the area.


Throughout this term our English focus will be on the book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, where the children will develop their writing skills. This also links into our history topic, ‘British inventions of the 20th Century’.


Alongside the RE curriculum of scared spaces, some children will have the opportunity to visit St Barnabas to experience a sacred space first hand. All children will visit St Mary’s Church and take part in a Christingle service at Offington Methodist Church.


At the start of the spring term, year 5 will launch ‘Busy Bodies’. Pupils will spend the entire day working practically to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how the human skeleton and organs work, as well as learning about the importance of our senses.


Our history topic will look at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. It follows on from the year 4 topic of ‘Swords, Shields and Settlements’ and explores the difficult relationship between these two groups of invaders of Britain before 1066. As our learning journey evolves, pupils will develop their skills of enquiry to understand why foreigners wanted to invade, how they travelled to our shores and where they settled. Pupils will also increase their knowledge and understanding of chronology, looking at when these events occurred and how they agreed to ‘get on’ once settled. The topic ends by looking at how the succession of power was decided in 1066 – the battles that took place between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the contenders involved, and finally, the victor. To enrich the class based learning we have invited Rainbow Theatre to lead us through a Viking invasion experience.


Poetry is the focus of the second half of the spring term, where pupils develop their use of drama to explore characters’ viewpoints in the poem ‘The Highwayman’. Through examining the use of figurative language and its effects on the reader, pupils create their own version of the narrative written from another character’s perspective.


The theme for the summer term is focused on the book “Tribes”. This is predominantly an English topic, but links well to PSHE, and art.


Our history unit follows on from the Vikings, where the pupils will study the society of the Mayans (South America), comparing the life they led in the Amazon rainforest to that of the people in England around 900AD. They will look at how they have influenced our lives today, learning about life in a number of South American countries, the settlements and physical geography (mountains and rivers).


A short geography unit will follow, where pupils will use talk skills to discuss and debate the pros and cons of living in a less developed country (examples in South America) in contrast to a developed country (USA). They will also consider environmental issues, such as how the melting ice-caps at the poles are effecting Earth’s biomes; what is the cause of this and how can it be slowed down?



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