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Transition Information July 2020

As a school, we are mindful of the mental and emotional wellbeing of the children and how difficult it has been for them to have only completed a part of this academic year with their current teacher. We are having frequent discussions at school as to how we can assist all the children with their transfer to new year groups.
The transition booklets below are just one way you can find out a little bit about the new year group. As a family, you can share and talk about it at your leisure over the summer holidays and keep re-visiting it as and when you like. This may be especially important the closer we get to September.
If the booklet raises any questions for you and your child(ren) whilst we are still this side of the summer holidays, please do not hesitate to contact the school so we can answer those questions as best we can.

Year 6 Transition to High School


Thank you to everyone who responded to the transfer to high school survey. We have used it to decide the support we need and are able to offer this year.
We have decided to use and adapt transition resources called 'Be Awesome, Go Big'  that have been created to prepare year 6 pupils for the transition to secondary school.


The lessons are based on the books 'You Are Awesome' by Matthew Syed and 'Go Big' by Matthew Burton. You do not need to purchase the books as everything that you will need is being uploaded to Google classroom, some of which is already there.


The children in school are going through the sessions in their pods and all have booklets to work through, whilst those children not in school can log on to Google classroom. We have ensured that the booklet can be edited online, therefore reducing the need to print.  A PDF copy of the workbook, Getting Ready, in A4 and some parent/carer information that you may like to look at are posted below.


Each session will take pupils through some big ideas to help them on their way to secondary school. There are video links within the sessions that teachers in school are using as a talking point, which adults at home may also choose to do. You will know your child's needs so feel free to use it as you feel is appropriate.


As always, we endeavour to support the children as best we can and we appreciate any feedback.