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High Attaining Pupils

Higher attaining learners


We have very high expectations of all children at Thomas A Becket. All our children’s learning achievements are recognised and celebrated and we ensure that each child achieves the best they can. We recognise that pupils often have a love for a subject and this desire to immerse themselves within it is also harnessed, encouraged and celebrated.  


Those children who are expected to achieve extremely well in a number of subjects are known as ‘Higher Attaining learners’. They will show curiosity, autonomy and the determination to take their learning forward in their own direction. Children may also demonstrate talents in a specific area including social/leadership and higher order thinking skills, or have a love for a subject they wish to engage in more fully.


How do we identify ‘Higher Attaining learners’?


Higher attaining learners are those pupils who are currently on track to be working at greater depth within the expected standard in either reading, writing or maths; we recognise that children may have an aptitude in other areas of the curriculum including sporting, musical or art achievements.


How does the school provide for the needs of Higher Attaining learners?


Children are provided with ‘in depth’ learning which includes; high order questioning, differentiated activities that challenge children’s thinking and develop independent working, or encourage collaborative working within a group depending on the task. There is an emphasis in providing opportunities for the ‘higher attaining children to be challenged in their thinking through:


  • discussion and debate
  • prediction
  • deduction and inference
  • justification
  • reflection
  • processing and analysis
  • reasoning and arguing
  • language richness and economy


Other provision can take place outside of the classroom e.g. via groups within and after school time as well as through the provision Worthing schools offer as part of the Worthing schools’ collaboration.


Different subject areas will run special events throughout the year for groups of learners. This could be in the form of trips, master classes, problem- solving activities, and additional subject clubs.


Suggestions for supporting the most able children or those with a love for a subject at home:


  • Give children a broad range of experiences.
  • Read with them, and to them, even if they are good readers.
  • All types of puzzles, crosswords, logic games, word games, card games and board games help to develop children’s thinking skills and social interaction Children enjoy learning new words. Have a new ‘word of the week’ at home.
  • Extend their general knowledge with a ‘fact of the week’.
  • Encourage physical activity to develop co-ordination and general fitness.
  • Do not always focus on your child’s obvious skills. Encourage him or her to try new activities.
  • Computing offers huge possibilities to support and extend learning at school.
  • Learn a new language together.