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Forest Schools

The purpose of Forest Schools is for the students to gain an understanding of the natural environment, whilst developing the Forest Schools ethos, namely, development of self-esteem, confidence and social skills.

During the autumn term the children in year 3 have been travelling around Europe in relation to their topic and have been working hard learning about how different people live in other countries. In Forest School we have:

  • Made Russian Pryaniki breads over the campfire
  • Whittled wood using tools 
  • Made a hot air balloon and gondola from natural materials
  • Designed tree faces 
  • Cooked smores 
  • Played games 

During Year 6 enrichment week pupils who stayed at school took part in Forest School activities.

  • Made beans on toast around the camp fire
  • Built large dens using poles and sheets
  • Made bird feeders
  • Designed their own dreamcatcher using wood and wool
  • Made tree faces using natural materials

During Year 4 enrichment week pupils who stayed at school took part in Roman based activities to enrich their knowledge and help to support their school work.

  • Made Roman pizzas over the camp fire
  • Made a scented candle from clay, wax and herbs
  • Roman camp making
  • Made a shield using natural materials and wool
  • Made a Roman head piece

For the Year 4 Shipwreck theme each class took part in the following activities to support their class based work

  • To learn the three elements needed to create a fire
  • To light a fire using a flint and steel
  • Make a potato cake and smore over the camp fire
  • To build a waterproof shelter
  • To follow a map around the Forest School site using a compass
  • To make a raft using natural materials


For the Year 3 Stone Age topic during the spring term children have been taking part in the following activities:

  • Sourcing writing material from the environment to create stone age cave drawings using symbols
  • Making sabretooth tiger necklaces from clay
  • The children took part in tracking and followed each other's maps
  • We used resources found in Forest School to create a stone age round house
  • We made flat breads and vegetable and nettle soup over an open fire and discussed foraging
  • We played our deer game and discussed how the stone age man would hunt for food
  • We read a story about a woolly mammoth

During the summer term Year 4 will be taking part in activities within Forest School to support their 'Into the Woods' topic, the children will be undertaking:

  • Shelter building
  • Making flat fruit breads over the fire and baking an apple
  • Storytelling and listening to poems
  • Tree identification
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Calculate the ages of trees within our Forest School site
  • Make a frame using a square lashing knot to display natural art
  • Tree art using shadows and natural materials
  • Making smores over the camp fire
  • To make their own fire using a flint and steel and wood
  • Leaf printing

Forest Schools is child led and has resulted in great teamwork, wonderful imaginative role plays and the development of gross motor skills with bush craft activities.