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Cooking & Nutrition

Our Aim


At TAB, we recognise that cooking is a crucial life skill. During Cooking and Nutrition lessons, children will learn about the principles of healthy nutrition, the seasonality of ingredients (including how ingredients are grown, reared and processed) and how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes. 


The TAB Way


The TAB way underpins the learning in our Cooking and Nutrition lessons:


  • Showing respect
    • Children are respectful of the kitchen and cooking equipment within it.
    • Children listen to their teacher and peers during Cooking and Nutrition lessons.
  • Embracing challenge
    • Children persevere when they are learning new cooking techniques.
  • Being responsible 
    • Children respond positively to the constructive feedback given to them from their teachers and peers.
    • Children successfully evaluate their dishes. 
    • Children learn how to use a range of cooking equipment safely and with increased independence.
  • Community spirit
    • Children communicate effectively with their peers to successfully prepare and cook a range of dishes. 
    • Children celebrate the successes of their peers. 


Specialist Room


At TAB, we are very fortunate to have a dedicated kitchen for Cooking and Nutrition lessons.




Safety in Cooking and Nutrition is an area of great importance at TAB. Teachers complete regular safety inductions in line with West Sussex County Council policies. We encourage the children to take an active role in considering safety during practical activities - discussing risks and how to use equipment safely. 


Curriculum Links 


Cooking and Nutrition at TAB makes purposeful links to the the following curriculum areas:





As a school, we currently offer one after-school club which enriches the children’s understanding of cooking and nutrition:


  • Baking Club