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Travel Plan Poetry Competition

TAB Poetry Competition


To celebrate World Poetry Day we invited the children to take part in our school poetry competition. To support our school Travel Plan our theme this year was 'A Journey'.


Thank you to all children who took the time to write a poem for this competition. We were delighted that so many children wrote fantastic poems based on the idea of ‘A Journey’.


Congratulations to Oscar, Eloisa, Katie and Maisie - our year group winners after a very difficult decision made by Mrs Hill and Mrs Mayes.


A Journey by Oscar 3HL


I ride my bike across the land,

far, far into the deep sand.


The sand is hard to get past,

I’ll face plant if I go too fast.


I am heading to Australia,

the food there is very peculiar.


Some of the insects are very scary,

most of the spiders are ever so hairy.


It was an extremely enormous trip,

It would’ve been quicker if I’d gone by ship.



My Plane Journey by Eloisa 4NP


We are about to start our journey,

We need to get to the airport early,

Off on holiday we go,

We mustn’t be slow!


At last we have started our journey,

Flying over fields,

Flying over horses,

We’re flying on a plane!


Flying over forests,

Flying through clouds,

The view from the window is beautiful,

We’re on top of the world!


We’ll soon be landing,

The trolleys clanging,

My ears are banging,

I’m sucking a sweet,

It’s a very nice treat!


We are finally on the ground,

My head is spinning around,

The holiday fun awaits,

This is going to be great!


A Journey Across the World by Katie 5JA


A lonely wanderer, am I, if I devote my life to seeing the wonderful beauties of the environment?

Rambling across Europe, struggling to find some nature in all the concrete.

Journeying in North America, exploring mountains and woodlands, whilst keeping away from the colossal, befouled, piercing cities.

Trekking down the rainforests of South America, avoiding the choking stench, my eyes scorch – smoke from a burning forest.

Edging Antarctica, numbed by the diminishing ice, the echo of destructive mining startles me.

Driving on dusty African roads, I smoulder at evaporating water supplies, feeding poverty and migration.

Sailing the Australian coral reefs, fishermen dump toxins, venom to my faith in the goodness of people.

Exploring the blustering, claustrophobic urban Africa, I am desolate with happy people, inattentive to the precious resources they squander.



The Journey by Maisie 6JW


If you’re going to make the journey,

to some place way up high,

You don’t need an aeroplane,

or even learn to fly.


Just grab your sack and start to climb,

It might seem impossible at the time,

But keep on going to the top,

And feel completed when you stop!