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Heads for the Day

As joint Chairs of this year’s School Council we were given the opportunity to be Headteachers for the day on Friday 19th June.


After coming in from duty at the school front gates, we visited all of the Year 4 classes and asked them how they were enjoying their first year at TAB Middle.  The vast majority of children had really enjoyed their first year, with the most popular subjects PE and Art.  The children had also really enjoyed the trips to the Hindu Temple and Fishbourne Roman Villa too.


We were able to sit in the Senior Leadership Team’s office to write our report.  We could hear 4SW singing ‘We are the Champions’ and found out that they were practising for their class assembly.  We were able to watch this assembly which was brilliant, and then we had to speak in front of Year 4 (and the parents from 4SW) at the end of the assembly to say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’.


Later on some children arrived from the First School to have a look round.  They will be coming here in September.


We also met with Mia from Year 7 to talk about her ideas to improve break and lunchtimes. One of her ideas was that students should be allowed to stay in at break times.  Although it was interesting to discuss this, we didn’t come up with any ideas that we felt would work.


We finished our day in charge of the school by going out on duty, and wishing everybody a happy weekend – we both had a really fun day.


Isobel and Tom