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Fairtrade Biscuit Bake-Off

The annual Fairtrade Becket Biscuit Bake Off was held last Friday, 3rd March. The purpose of this event is to promote Fairtrade Fortnight and to encourage children to bake using Fairtrade ingredients. The best 7 entries were chosen to compete in the final.


Competition was fierce. All teams produced a lovely batch of biscuits using Fairtrade ingredients such as bananas, sugar, chocolate and cocoa powder. The biscuits were judged on both appearance and taste by Mr Gadd, Mrs Saunders, Isabel (6JS) and Maddie (6TE). It was very close. All the biscuits were beautifully presented and tasted delicious.


The winners were Cerys and Lily (6PH), with their Banoffee Puddles. Their biscuits were topped with toffee sauce, banana chips and drizzled chocolate.


Photos of the event can be seen on the school website. A huge well done to them and to everyone who took part.